My Little Morphée


My Little Morphée is not just an entertaining stories for kids but an invitation to travel and reconnect to oneself without waves and all so distracting blue screens.
It's a real initiation of the youngest to meditation and relaxation benefits: accompaniment in discovering their body, breathing, and sensations.

Using My Little Morphée, children will regain much-needed calm and improve their concentration during the day, help deal with their emotions, and get ready for a night of deep and restful sleep… a precious resource to grow up well.

Children can choose from 128 soothing stories during which they set off to discover a resource, guided by an animal of their choice:
- Through
Soothing Journeys, children will embark on a trip to discover their resources.
Guided Meditation sessions will help to develop self-confidence and concentration.
- By selecting
Group Meditation sessions, children can practice their meditation skills with adults, siblings or friends.
- Soft
Music tracks were specially created for My Little Morphée to help them fall asleep quickly.
Nature sounds will allow them to fully immerse themselves in nature.
Lightweight and portable with a timeless design, My Little Morphée is a perfect companion for every child, whether at home or on the go.
My Little Morphée will make a perfect gift, be it a treat for your child or any little family member. 

What comes in the box?
- A My Little Morphée
- A guide on how to best use it
- A USB charging cable