Meditate – relax – fall asleep with Morphée, a non-digital wave-free and screenless relaxation and meditation sleep-aid device.
Morphée offers 200+ combinations of guided meditation and sophrology sessions, all designed, tested, and validated by sleep experts.
The sessions can be listened to during nocturnal awakenings or your bedtime, and they will guide you towards a night of deep and restful sleep.

With a vast mixture of sessions, Morphée will help calm your daily life, recharge your batteries, cope with high levels of stress, and find a natural solution for insomnia.

Thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery Morphée can operate up to 1 week with daily listening and can accompany you in transport, hotel or even at work.

The Morphée content is unique and consists of 210 sessions over 8 themes:
- Combinations for
Cardiac Coherence are created to reduce the frequency of inhalation and exhalation and calm your heart rhythm.
Body Scan sessions invite you to shift your attention to your body and promote physical relaxation.
Visualisation sessions will transport you to a soothing universe and help you disconnect from the day's stresses.
Movement sessions will allow you to focus on specific body parts and relax your muscle tensions.
Breathing sessions will guide you to calm your mind and cut yourself off from your day.
- Dedicated sessions for
Napping to help you get a restorative break during the day. 
- Music tracks for optimum relaxation are all composed especially for Morphée.
Nature sounds recorded in four corners of the globe will allow you to fully immerse in nature.
Morphée will make a perfect gift, be it a treat for yourself or a loved one.

What comes in the box?
- A Morphée with its beechwood shell (the shell will protect key dials when used as a cover or can be used as a base)
- A guide on how to best use it and
- A USB charging cable with UK plug