Elvie Trainer


Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand, developing smarter technology for women. Their team consists of world-class experts in consumer technology, design and engineering, working alongside scientists from Imperial College London and Oxford University.

Elvie's mission to pioneer smarter technology for women begins with this first product, the award winning Kegel trainer to help women strengthen and tone the pelvic floor.

The user places the Elvie Trainer insert her vagina, and it connects to an App, guiding her through fun, five minute workouts. Force and motion sensors measure the pelvic floor muscle contraction and relaxation. The App allows the user to visualise the exercises in real time and tells her and advises if she she is contracting incorrectly. Working out the pelvic floor has never been so fun and easy.


What's included in your box?  

  1. Elvie Trainer
  2. Carry Case - doubles up as charger
  3. Optional cover
  4. Micro USB charging cable
  5. Quick start guide